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A Quick Guide to Self Defense Batons

Self-Defense Batons

You probably have a couple of self-defense items already stashed in your bug out bag– a good knife, maybe some mace, maybe a firearm.

There’s one more weapon you should consider adding to your arsenal. Something non-lethal but that will definitely get your point across– a baton.

Batons may not seem too intimidating, but a swift hit with one can certainly pack a punch.

There is a reason that police officers carry them around.

Not every situation warrants the use of deadly force, and a baton hit is easier to recover from than a gunshot or a knife stab.

A solid baton is a good weapon to have in a survival situation.

Batons come in two types. They are either collapsible or not collapsible. Collapsible batons have the advantage of being easy to store and conceal.

You can fold them up and attach them to a belt buckle or even slide them into a big pocket or the side of your pack.

Non-collapsible batons are more difficult to carry and conceal.

However, they have fewer breaking points and are therefore more durable.

Hardcore Hammers Hickory Stick

Hardcore Hammers Hickory Stick is an extremely solid and durable non-collapsible baton.

Its official use is as a tire whacker, designed to help check the tire pressure on a semi truck.

The added lanyard slides around your hand for added security.

The Hickory Stick is as simple as a baton comes– it’s a large, solid stick of wood.

The Hickory Stick does have some weight to it, at just under 10 ounces.

And at $17, it’s hard to beat the price.

If you’re searching for a non-collapsible baton, this just might be it.

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ASP 16″ Federal Expandable Friction Lock Baton

The ASP 16″ Federal Expandable Friction Lock Baton is a 16-inch tactical baton, traditionally used by police officers.

The baton locks into place with a simple flick of your wrist, making set up seamless– an important factor when you may be using this for self-defense.

The Federal is made of premium materials and is designed with durability and efficiency in mind. This expandable baton will cost you roughly $160.

Streetwise Barbarian LED Stun Gun Baton

If you’re serious about safety (and it’s legal where you live,) the Streetwise Barbarian LED Stun Gun Baton is the option for you.

This baton comes with a built-in stun gun to help deter any attackers.

And at just $50, this is an affordable option for your bug out bag.

Smith & Wesson Collapsible Baton

You’ve probably heard of Smith & Wesson before, and know that they can make a decent firearm.

Check out this trusted brand in a different capacity with the Smith & Wesson Collapsible Baton.

With a simple yet efficient design, this $45 baton is worth considering.

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Cold Steel Axe Head Cane

Disguise your weapon as a cane with the Cold Steel Axe Head Cane.

Designed to look just like a walking aid, this baton can pack a serious punch.

At just under two pounds and $25, this is a lightweight option for your bug out bag.

And as an added bonus, if you use it as a cane you will have easy access to it in case of an emergency.

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A baton is worth considering to your emergency kit. These options are a lightweight and potentially non-lethal way of protecting yourself in a survival situation.

Unfortunately, we live in some trying times filled with civil unrest caused by a perfect storm that includes a lack of employment driven by an unstable economy, automation, corporate restructuring, and a host of other manmade catastrophes that increases the crime rate. This doesn’t even include all of the natural disasters that are known to wreak havoc on the lives of their victims. Since none of us have any control over these things, we must do everything within our power to be prepared. Visit Survivor Insiders often to get tips and advice on how to stay safe during these events!

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