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Top 6 Survival Knives

Top Survival Knives

It’s not easy to choose a survival knife. There are so many different types of knives to choose from– how can you narrow it down to just one?

Typically, it’s recommended to have a durable, fixed blade knife in your bug out bag.

A fixed blade knife is preferable to a retracting knife or switchblade because of its durability– you’re going to be using this knife for a wide variety of tasks, and it needs to be as versatile as possible.

Another feature you’ll want your knife to have is a full tang. The tang refers to the amount of steel blade that extends into the handle.

Full tang knives are stronger, and much better suited for a survival situation.

A more difficult decision is whether to go for a full carbon or a stainless steel model.

On the one hand, full carbon models are stronger and less likely to break– crucial for a survival situation.

On the other hand, stainless steel models are less subject to corrosion which may allow them to hold up better over time.

Either option may work well for you, but for most emergency situations a full carbon model is preferable.

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Ka-bar Becker BK-22 Fixed Blade Knife

The Ka-bar Becker BK-22 is a fixed blade full tang knife. The BK-22 comes with a polyester sheath for added protection when not in use.

The knife features a 5 ¼ inch blade, and measures just over 10 inches total.

The Ka-bar Becker BK-22 is an excellent budget option– for around $70, you have a durable and solid fixed blade knife.

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Esee 6P

The Essee 6P is made of high carbon steel. The 6P’s blade is 6 ½ inches, and the knife is 11 ¾ inches in length total.

The sheath is made of a heavy-duty molded polymer.

One neat feature of this knife is a hole in the handle so you can attach it to a lanyard and hang it around your neck.

At $115, the Essee 6P is a solid midrange option for your bug out bag.

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Gerber Strong Arm

The Gerber Strong Arm features a high carbon steel blade and a full tang, with a striking pommel built-in to the handle.

This $60 budget knife comes in either black or coyote brown and has a coated ceramic blade for better grip.

The Gerber Strong Arm is surprisingly durable for the price point, as well.

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Buck Knives 119 Special Fixed Blade

Buck Knives 119 Special Fixed Blade is a high carbon steel knife, like the others on this list.

The 119 has a 6-inch clip blade, and the knife itself is 10 ½ inches long. Made in the USA, the 119 also features a leather sheath with a clip fastener.

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MTECH USA Fixed Blade Knife

The MTECH USA Fixed Blade Knife is truly a budget knife, running only $13. Don’t let its low price fool you– the MTECH USA is a highly rated knife that can easily stand up to its higher priced counterparts.

It’s unfortunately made of stainless steel, but the knife is still full tang and durable.

A great budget option for anyone low on cash.

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Broker Magnum Collection

At the other end of the spectrum is the Broker Magnum Collection. This is a solid, high carbon, full tang knife that runs just under $300.

The knife measures 14 inches, with an 8 ½ inch blade and a weight of just 14 ounces. The Broker Magnum Collection is a durable knife that can withstand just about any survival situation.

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There’s no doubt that a knife is a critical part of any bug out bag. The ones listed here are just a few of the survival knives out there.

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